Logo Repair Services

Has your logo been…

  • faxed,
  • Xeroxed,
  • scanned and
  • abused

beyond all recognition?…

Maybe you have it in a low resolution (it looks terrible when you resize it).

Maybe you made it yourself and just need it cleaned up a bit.

Email us what you have. We’ll send you a free logo repair quote within 1 business day. Our logo repair prices start from just $35 for a simple 1-color logo.

(We promise to send only your free quote. No follow-ups, no reminders, no special offers and no other junk email. Just your quote – just once – within 1 business day.)

Once finished, you’ll receive a vector version of your logo – all cleaned up and ready to use for your printing projects, web sites, letterhead and more.

Ready to look like a real business again?

For your free logo repair quote, attach your current logo to an email and send it to:


If you lack the ability to scan or email it to us, that’s no problem too. Mail it to us ATTN: LOGO SERVICES, AMA Precision Screening, P.O. Box 610, Churchville, NY 14428.